Corporate Matching

Some companies will match any charitable funds raised by it’s employees, known as ‘Corporate Matching’. For example, if an employee helps out at the school disco, then the company will match the funds raised, or make a generous contribution to it. Most companies run some sort of matched giving scheme. If you decide to make a donation to charity, then your company will match that donation, thereby doubling it.

It is also sometimes possible for the charity to reclaim tax on it. If you decide to donate monthly through the GAYE scheme, then the donation is made automatically through your companies payroll. This is a pre-tax deduction so it costs you less to donate more. Often the company will match the donation as above. Your company might be in the manufacturing industry, and may give away free samples or donate goods.

Your company might let you have paid time off to help out charitable causes. Your company might run promotions or give discounts to parents of Chase Side pupils.


your company might like to sponsor our Christmas or Summer Fayres by advertising in the programme, or making a donation of cash, services or goods. Any company donations will be mentioned in our newletters and fayre programme. If you would like to place an advert in the programme, it’s £60 for a full page and £30 for a half page black and white ad.

If your employer sells or manufactures products, perhaps they could donate some items or samples to our cause. We need donations suitable for raffle prizes or auction items. If you’re unsure, please get in touch with us and ask.

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