Gift and Toy Amnesty + Wine and Chocolate!


Gift and Toy Amnesty


STOP PRESS::: Gift & Toy Amnesty extended to Wine & Chocolates!

Chocolate overload!

Donate that spare box of chocs to FOCS!

Dry January? Remove the temptation
We’ll take that bottle out of your hands!

Bring unwanted gifts, wrapped chocolates or bottles of wine to the school office by FRIDAY 30th JANUARY.

Let’s face it, we all get gift and toys over the holidays that sometimes, we don’t really need or want.  Rather than cramming then into the loft, why not donate them to Friends of Chase Side.

Alternatively, are you having a bit of a clear out before the onslaught of the festive season?  Have you got any good quality pre-loved toys which need a home?

Any unwanted gifts and toys* will be used for future events and fayres, A gift and toy amnesty is a great way to clear your cupboards and help raise funds for the children of Chase Side Primary.  Any donations can be anonymous.  Please bring your unwated gifts to the school office before 31st January.



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