Summer Fayre raises £5,750.66!

by Eliza Hanks in Skelton class

by Eliza Hanks in Skelton class

The FOCS would like to thank all who took part in another successful summer fayre.  The donations from parents for international food, the cake sale, main and alcohol raffle and Rainbow Day were very generous indeed.  The donations of time before, during and after the fayre, were even more so.  It was particularly lovely to see so many staff members on stalls (especially the two on Throw a Sponge).  A final thank you to all those behind the scenes helpers who spent countless hours before the actual day stuffing, filling, shopping, cutting, folding, etc…  We raised a terrific amount of £5750.66.

If you’re wondering what we’re raising the money for, take a peak in the Secret Garden.  This is one of the current projects that the FOCS have helped to fund.  The school is in the process of regenerating the school playground and the FOCS have ring-fenced a sum of money to contribute to this.  Last year, your donations allowed the FOCS to fund many events, including circus skills, sports day (partially) and the year 6 leavers celebrations (partially).  Funding has also been spent on specific curriculum areas in the nursery and gymnastics.

Thank you to all for your generosity.

The FOCS Committee

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